Sandra Bachman, Admin. Assistant III, EOW:06/26/1990

Administrative Assistant III Sandra Bachman was 43 years old when assigned to the Arizona State Prison Complex at Perryville. She had been an Arizona Department of Corrections employee for approximately 11 years and had graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Arizona State University in Tempe. She volunteered and received all the proper training and certifications to fight fires with the U.S. Forestry Service and the Bureau of Land Management. She was assigned to supervise a 17 man inmate fire crew that was sent to fight the Dude fire in the Tonto National Forest located in the White Mountains of Arizona.  The fire crew was in the second day of fighting the lightning started fire, which coincidently occurred on one of the hottest days in Arizona history. The fire although approximately 50% contained, quickly flashed over the area where the entire crew was located. They were forced to deploy emergency shelters. Ms. Bachman was killed when the force of the fire ripped the emergency shelter from her grip and also took the lives of five of the seventeen inmate fire fighters.

Ms. Bachman has been memorialized at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville and is also recognized by the Correctional Peace Officer Foundation as well as the United State Fire Administration which can be found at . The 100 Club of Arizona has recognized Ms. Bachman’s death as occurring in the Line of Duty. A Level 2 Minimum custody/Level 3 Medium custody 600 bed prison at the Arizona State Prison Complex –Lewis is named after Ms. Bachman.

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