Paul W. Rast, Officer, EOW: 9/7/1975

Officer Rast worked at the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Facility north of Phoenix, Arizona.  He went to Cottage A. to determine why two inmates failed to report to a work detail.  Upon his arrival, he was confronted by three juveniles and a struggle began.  Officer Rast was placed in a choke hold by one of the juveniles while the other two beat him.  Officer Rast succumbed to injuries three days after being assaulted from the choke hold which damaged a major artery in his neck.

Verified via the National Law Enforcement Memorial, the ADC Officer Memorial Webpage and the National Officer Down Memorial Page.  Additionally, a Level 4 Close custody/Level 5 maximum security 800 bed prison located at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis in Buckeye, Arizona is named after Officer Rast.

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