James Stiner, Sergeant, EOW: 9/18/1967

On September 18, 1967 at approximately 3 pm Sergeant Stiner was transporting a prisoner back to the Florence prison after a court appearance. The inmate somehow obtained a handgun while in court. On the return trip to the prison, the inmate forced Sergeant Stiner to drive him to a remote area southwest of the prison where he shot Sergeant Stiner three times in the chest. When the Sergeant and inmate failed to return to the prison a search was begun. At approximately 4 pm after receiving a tip from a citizen, the search was centered in the Casa Grande area.  After apprehending the escaped inmate he led Sheriff Deputies to the location where the body of Sergeant Stiner was found.

Verified via the ADC Officer Memorial webpage at www.azfop44.net/ADC-Memorial as well as the National Officer Down Memorial Page at www.odmp.org  Additionally, a Level 3 Medium custody 800 bed prison unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis in Buckeye, Arizona is named in his honor.

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