Stan Bates
Chairman, ADC Fallen Employees Memorial Committee
Retired ADC Warden/Assistant Director 1977-2002
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John Hallahan
ADC Warden (Ret.)
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Dale E. Copeland
ADC Warden (Ret.) 1971 to 1998
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Senior Community Corrections Officer, Department of Corrections.
President, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 44 for Corrections
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Liz Shaffer-Smith
Representative for the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
Former Correctional Officer
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Len Sustaita
Executive Director of AZCPOA

Angela Harrolle
Executive Director of the 100 Club of Arizona
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Clinton Roberts
Interim Executive President of the Arizona Corrections Association
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Mailing Address:

Fallen ADC Employees Memorial
P.O. Box 1468
Phoenix, AZ 85001-1468

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