Brent Lumley, Officer, EOW: 3/07/1997

On March 7, 1997 Officer Brent Lumley, who was a five year veteran of the Arizona Department of Corrections, was killed by an inmate in the Arizona State Prison Complex at Perryville. Earlier on the shift, the 33 year old Officer conducted a cell search and accidently knocked a photo belonging to the prisoner onto the floor. The inmate swore he would kill Officer Lumley for disrespecting him by knocking the photo to the ground. The inmate got two other inmates to distract the floor officer while other inmates did the same with Officer Lumley who was inside the Control Room. The inmate was able to gain entry into the Control Room because of a flaw in the locking system and once inside with Officer Lumley, stabbed Officer Lumley twice in the neck killing him.

Verified via the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial, the ADC Officer Memorial webpage, the Correctional Peace Officer Foundation and the National Officer Down Memorial page. He is also memorialized at the Arizona State Prison Complex at Perryville. The 100 Club of Arizona has recognized Officer Lumley’s death as having occurred in the Line of Duty. Additionally, the 768 bed Level 4 Close Custody/Level 5 Maximum Security unit that Officer Lumley worked at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville was named for Officer Lumley.

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